"If your childhood included violence, abandonment, abuse or disillusionment, then you must watch Breaking the Silence, a documentary by father and daughter team Michael and Davida Horn. The young women in this film expose their darkest wounds while sharing their return to wholeness and love. It is amazing, touching, profound and inspiring." - Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret, SoulmateSecret.com

"First, congratulations on the recent award for your film. After viewing it, I understand why it's gaining such great recognition. Thanks for sharing it with me - and more importantly, with the world. You've created a piece that definitely empowers women and shows that it's from the heart. I'm awed by and grateful for all the people involved in 'Breaking the Silence'. We are gearing up for VDAY Santa Monica 2010 and hope to see you there." - Deborah K., VDaySantaMonica.com

"This documentary explores the various struggles that women experience and provides an intimate look into the lives of five amazingly resilient women. Overcoming the effects of mental health problems, homelessness, sexual abuse, assault, and rape are the focus of this enlightening film. Directors Michael and Davida Horn created the film to demonstrate the power of making purposeful decisions and taking complete self-responsibility for one's life. All of the women in the documentary are astonishingly free of resentment and self-pity. Their inner strength and ability to overcome the adversities in their life provide inspiration to others who might be suffering from similar situations, to find the inner strength and break the cycle of violence against girls and women." - Heather Bleemer, City of Los Angeles, Commission on the Status of Women


Breaking the Silence - About the Movie

Breaking the Silence is an award-winning new film (2009 Honolulu International Film Festival, 2009 Telly Award) by Michael Horn and Davida Horn, featuring "I'll Be My Own Hero", performed by Andrea Dair.

This film, which was originally intended to celebrate women's beauty, unexpectedly transformed into an emotionally compelling and empowering piece.

While conducting interviews, Co-Producer and Co-Director Michael Horn found himself deeply moved by the painful and touching stories these young women shared. Michael, in partnership with his daughter Davida - who also became a participant in the film - brought these amazing women together as an inspiration to others.

These courageous women teach, by example, that those who dare to believe in themselves can find the inner strength to triumph over abuse, neglect, rape, illness, abandonment, poverty and religious domination. The similarities in their stories, even though they did not know each other prior to filming, communicate to all those who have suffered so long in silence that they are not alone.

The producers hope others will be encouraged to begin their own healing and choose to be victors, not victims.

And that they will be inspired to find their own inner strength, as they deal with a wide variety of challenges, in these very difficult times.

Now, meet the women who have begun breaking the cycle of helplessness and despair, the women who are...

Breaking the Silence

An award-winning new film by Michael Horn and Davida Horn
66 minutes Stereo Widescreen DVD

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